Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 7 Activity 2

Activity 2
Take a picture of you (or someone you know!) eating one of these famous ‘kiwi’ foods. Post the picture to your blog. Underneath the picture tell us what they are eating.

Anzac.pngThis photo is with my whole class. We received free lunch, inside was a Anzac cookie and other healthy food.


  1. Hey Saveu
    ANZAC biscuits are delicious. They are very tasty. Keep up the spectacular work!

  2. Yum!!

    What a great picture of you and your classmates, Saveu. I love to hear that someone brought you guys free lunches that were packed with healthy options and a delicious cookie. You're so lucky!

    What was the best part of the lunch, in your opinion? If I could eat anything for lunch it would be a chicken pita with cajun chicken, salsa, lettuce and capsicum. I love chicken pitas! Do you?

    Thanks for posting this great pic, Saveu. I love to see you and the St Pius X crew smiling so nicely for the camera :-)