Monday, 24 July 2017

To Be A Successful Learner!

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This week/term I am focusing on being a successful inside school and outside school.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 7 Bonus Activity

Task(Bonus Activity): On your blog, post a video or write a description about your week. What have you learned? What did you like about the trip? What didn’t you like? Was there anything that surprised you? To earn full points for this activity, you must talk about what you learned, what you liked and what you about your great kiwi road trip.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 7 Activity 2

Task(Activity 2): On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing something relaxing. I find reading really relaxing. Here is a picture of me reading one of my favourite books. After a long soak in the natural hot pools, it is time to get back home. Your family and friends can’t wait to see you and they can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Take a moment to think about what you have seen and done over the past week. On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing something relaxing. I find reading really relaxing. Here is a picture of me reading one of my favourite books!

Winter Learning Journey.jpgI find watching t.v with my family relaxing because I don’t think about anything.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 7 Activity 1: Keep New Zealand beautiful

Task(Activity 1): While in Taupo, you go for a walk around the lake and you notice pieces of rubbish floating in the water. You also notice that there is rubbish on the footpath. As you know, it is really important to put rubbish in the bin and keep New Zealand clean and beautiful for generations to come.
With that in mind, it is time think about what you can do to keep New Zealand beautiful. Use your imagination and come up with three things that you could do to make your neighbourhood more beautiful. Post your list on your blog ☺

3 Things that I would do in my Neighbourhood.jpg

Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 6 Bouns Activity

Task(Bonus Activity): The All Blacks have performed various haka over the years. Watch the following three haka videos (1 – 3) and, on your blog, list the haka videos in order from best (#1) to worst (#3). There are no right or wrong answers ☺
At the end of your day at Te Papa, you head to your hotel in the centre of Wellington. You are staying on Cuba Street, one of the coolest streets in the city.
My answer↓
#1. World Cup 2015 – All Blacks vs Argentina, I choose this to be first was because it was nice, short and simple. I also like how they were serious about it and you can tell by how they performed it they’ve been practising and they clearly put their heart into this haka.
#2. Rugby World Cup 2011- All Blacks vs France and All Blacks vs South Africa 2016 as #3

Winter Learning Journey: Day 6 Activity 2

Task(Activity 2): Read about the Matariki festival at Te Papa. There are so many different things to see and do at the festival this year. On your blog, tell us about three of the events. You can choose any three events that you wish.

The 3 events I choose was:

3 things events I want to try (1).jpg

Winter Learning Journey: Day 6 Activity 1: Native Aotearoa

Task(Activity 1): Let’s imagine that you were on the first waka to arrive at Shag Point. You had never been to New Zealand before and you had no idea what to expect. Write a poem describing how you would have felt when you arrived in New Zealand. Would you have been excited or scared? I would have felt pretty nervous, I reckon…

My Poem
First time on the waka to shag point. The waters looking blue. I sang a sweet lullaby knowing I arrived safely. Smiles and laughter filled my face, I was happy to be here.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5 Bouns Activity

Task(Bonus Activity): On your blog, tell us whether you would like to cycle the Otago Rail Trail one day. Does it sound like fun? Why or why not?
Image result for otago rail trail

I would love to cycle on the Otago rail trail on day because I would always like to try something new. If I joined with my friends and family for sure it’ll be fun.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5 Activity 2

Task(Activity 2): Now it is your turn to learn about a famous New Zealander. Use Google to research one famous person from New Zealand and then create a DLO and post it on your blog. Be sure to include: 1. The name of the famous person, 2. Where they were born, 3. Why they are famous, and 4. Two other interesting facts about them.

DLO-Famous Person.jpg

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5 Activity 1: One Step at a time

Task(Activity 1): For this activity write a short story (8-10 sentences) about what might happen next. Please be sure to include lots of details about what you might be feeling, seeing and doing after you realise that you are all alone in the forest…


Turning around to see no one behind me, everyone left. Who knew that my group was in a rush. I quickly looked both ways still no sight of my group. As I stood on small branches, leaves rushing through my face still no sight of my group, I was scared. The sun was soon to be gone and the moon was about to shine.  I ran up the stairs with my feet aching.  I got to the top to find my group getting ready to leave, "phewwww" I sighed with relief.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 4 Bonus Activity

Task(Bonus Activity): On your blog, tell us whether you think that fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned (stopped).

Should fishing in Farewell Spit be banned.jpg

Winter Learning Journey: Day 4 Activity 2

Task(Activity 2): Watch the following movie trailers for Whale Rider: Whale Rider trailer #1 and Whale Rider Trailer #2 and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. What is it about? Be sure to also give the movie a rating out of 5 based on the trailer [1 = bad movie, 2 = okay movie, 3 = pretty good, 4 = good movie, 5 = excellent movie].

This movie is about a girl named Paikea she’s come from the long line of chiefs. I would rate this move a 2.5/5 because I didn’t really get the movie.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 4 Activity 1: Swimming with the sharks

Task(Activity 1): On your blog, describe what the local people did to try and save the beached whales.

Image result for whales stuck on the farewell spit

Poor whales are swimming into the farewell spit. The local people who see the whales on the shore try to keep the whales wet at all times and cover them but also keep their blowholes clear.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3 Activity 2

Task(Activity 2): On your blog, tell us whether you agree that New Zealand should be predator free. In your opinion, is it right to kill all of the predators (eg. possums) or should we just leave them alone? On your blog tell us what you think and give us, at least, three reasons why you think this way.

I disagree that we should kill all predators:
Here are some ways of helping this problem:
  • Firstly because they are animals they have a reason/right to keep living.
  • Secondly because they are God’s creatures.
  • Thirdly because violence is never the answer.
  • Gather/find all the predators and send them back to Australia
  • Or take them to a zoo in New Zealand and treat them well
  • Train them not to eat the trees.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3 Activity 1: Wild eyes

Task(Activity 1): On your blog, tell us the name of the animal that you chose and a little bit about them. What kind of animal are they? What do they eat? Where do they normally live? You can use Google to help you with your research.

The name of the animal I choose to adopt is the morepork owl one of New Zealand's native owls. Morepork owls eat a variety of food mostly large insects, they also like to feed on small mammals such as ‘mice’ and ‘young rats’. ‘Ruru’ also known as a morepork owl, an animal of the bush and night. The morepork owl is the only native species of owls left in New Zealand.
Image result for morepork

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 2 Bonus Activity

Task(Bonus Activity): When you finish your interview with Laura, you decide to keep on interviewing people. For this activity, your task is to conduct a real interview with an actual member of your family. Please ask them to think about their five (5) favourite things to do in the out-of-doors. They can be things that they enjoy doing on land or in the water. Post the list of outdoor activities on your blog.

Who I interviewed: Sia (Cousin)
What don you like to do inside and outside?

5 things outside:
  1. Go for strolls around the park
  2. Swim with family/go fishing while on a boat
  3. Picnic at one tree hill
  4. Exercising
  5. And going to the movies

5 things inside:

  1. Sleep
  2. Eat
  3. Clean
  4. Netflix/Youtube
  5. Babysit

Winter Learning Journey: Day 2 Activity 2

Task(Activity 2): Let’s imagine that you had the chance to interview Laura while in Dargaville. On your blog post five questions that you would ask her.

Question One: How did you learn how to sail ?
Question Two: Who inspires you to sail at such a young age ?
Question Three: What do you dislike about sailing ?
Question Four: What advice would you give to someone who want to be just like you ?
Question Five: What is your favourite thing about sailing ?

Winter Learning Journey: Day 2 Activity 1: New Zealand by land and sea

Task(Activity 1): After a very busy day of sightseeing you and your group drive from Tane Mahuta to your hotel in Dargaville. When you arrive you decide to sit down and record your thoughts in your travel diary. Before you start writing, take a minute to read more about Rangitoto island, Karekare beach and Tane Mahuta. On your blog, tell us which of the three places you most enjoyed visiting and why.


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 1 Bonus Activity

Task(Bonus Activity): For this activity, it is your turn to design a new flag. Use any drawing programme that you wish. I would recommend the Flag Designer website. It allows you to create a flag in three easy steps. When you are done, take a screenshot of your flag and post it on your blog. To earn full points you must describe the flag, in words, below the picture. Please tell us what is on the flag and what inspired your design.


The background color green represents peace. The cross represents our belief in God. The fern in the middle is a maori pattern shaped as a fern.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 1 Activity 2

Task(Activity Two): Your tour of New Zealand is going to start right here in Auckland. Watch the Tourist video for Auckland to learn about the awesome things that you can see and do in the city. Once you’ve finished, choose your favourite five activities from the video and list them on your blog.

Winter Learning Journey: Day 1 Activity 1: 100% PURE New Zealand

Task(Activity One): Go to the Tourism New Zealand website and click on the ‘Facts - New Zealand People’ tab. Read about the people of New Zealand and then choose three interesting facts to post on your blog. The facts must be written in your own words. Do not simply copy and paste the facts from the website☺.

Fact One:
A lot of kiwis love the outdoors, mainly why we have visitors. Kiwis have grew a passion for the outdoors and take great pleasure in activities. The popular outdoors activities are hiking, camping, fishing, bush and beach walks and etc.

Fact Two:
Rugby is New Zealand's most popularly sports. Most people that play on the fields become friends with loyalty which is called ‘mateship’ and is still seen on sporting teams today. All Blacks recently winning the rugby world cup, the sport has public school beginning in England, in New Zealand.

Fact Three:

Friendly people is one of the things you would love about visiting New Zealand. While you're visiting it’ll be good if you start up a conversation, it's the best way to start a new friendship.