Friday, 29 April 2016

Saying Goodbye To A Wonderful Woman

Last Night I went to a serves for a Funeral. After the priest made his entrance we all stood up and the coffin was carried into the church. Most of us eye’s was filled with tears. Once we sat back down people went up to the altar to say something about the wonderful, Beautiful woman that had passed away.

The youth Choir from my church sang a song to support one of our choir member/friend/family. Then when the serves ended we all made our way to the hall, first all the adults went up and got their food from the table. While the young adults and kids waited in the line, after we got our food the youth from our church went into the car park and ate our food and drank our drinks. After we ate our food we all played outside, took photos on my cousin’s camera and waited until the parents finished with their meeting.

Even though we were all sad to see one of our people laid into a coffin, we were all happy she was not in pain any more and that she can rest in a better place now.

Gone but never forgotten.
Rest in Peace

Prototec Basic Facts Test - Holiday Post

My Maths Results 

Today I practice doing my maths on Prototec and had gotten 92%. I had gotten 37/40 of the questions right and 3/40 of the questions wrong.

Certificate Of My Prototec

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Letter to Arthur - Holiday Post

Derek Munson

Dear Derek,
I am writing a letter to you and hope you receive this.

My name is Saveu, I am from St. Pius x Catholic school, in Auckland, Castledine Cres, Glen Innes.

I have read your book Enemy Pie. If I were to rate your book I would give it a 5 out of 5. I would rate your book 5 out of 5 because I felt that their was a moral that you should get to know them first before you judge them and make them your enemy.

I really found Enemy Pie entering and interesting because I wanted to find out what was in the pie and if it were really yuck or yum.
Author of Enemy Pie.jpg


5 Daily Literacy - Holiday Post

Title of Book/Date

5 sentence summary
Jeremy Ross just moved in next to Stanley and Stanley’s best friend is maybe jealous. Jeremy Ross had a party on his trampoline, he invited Stanley but not his best friend. Stanley’s best Friend had a tree-house and a number enemy which is Jeremy Ross. Dad had a recipe to get rid of enemies, all he had to do was spend a day with Jeremy Ross and invite him over for lunch.

Rate and Why
* * * * * / * * * * *
The recipe was a way to get rid of a enemy and have a new  friend.

5 Daily Literacy - Holiday Post

Title of Book/Date

5 Sentence Summary
 Chester has a best friend they do everything together. They dress the same for Halloween too, once they dressed as salt and pepper shakers. But then Lily moved into the neighbourhood. They were afraid of her, until Chester and Wilson was riding their bike's and doing hand signals. Some older kids came and surrounded them, they were mocking their hand signals and bulling them, but Lily saved them she was disguised as a cat and scared them off. Then they became friends and did everything together, but Victor moved into the neighbourhood.

Rate and Why
* * * * * / * * * * *
At the end they all became friends. They called each other, played together, dressed the same, and many more.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing for Term 1 2016

Tennis Experience

On a sunny day, on the 23rd of February it was room 7s first time at Tennis in 2016.

First of all we had to get changed into our p.e gear. Right after we got changed we went to the court and then James went around and asked the class what our names was. Then he told us some of the rules.

Then James said, “ Go get a Racket and Bat ! ”. Then James told us to do some warm ups. After our warm up we had to find a partner and one of us had to go to the other side of the court.

Then we played the full, real game of Tennis. After each person got a score we went to the back of the line. After we lined up again it was time for the next class, so we said, “ Thank You, James ! ” and then left for class.

The reason why I pick this writing to be the best is because it was the first time ever to have a professional Tennis player to teach us how to play tennis.
The Type of writing I am doing is Recount.

  1. Vocabulary - Blue
  2. Punctuation -  Purple
  3. Adjective  -  Yellow

Monday, 4 April 2016

Math Problems using Screencastify !

Learn: I learn to Screencastify my Learning.

This is me trying to solve 586 - 197. I will be showing you my strategy for solving equation.