Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 5 Bonus Activty

Bonus Activity
It’s time to use your imagination to write a short story. I’ve provided you with three different beginnings for a story. Choose your favorite beginning and finish the story. What happens next? You can use your imagination and create any ending that you want. To earn full points, you must post, at least 8-10 sentences, on your blog.

  1. I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then…

  1. I knew it was going to be an unusual day when my mom came into my bedroom and said...

  1. The spaceship was out of control and only one person could save us....

The spaceship was out control and only one person could save us, my grandpa. But he was overseas. We didn’t really know what to do cause our Spaceship was out of control, smoke was coming out the the engines.

We tried calling him but he didn’t answer, we kept on getting put on voice mail. So we waited for a while to call him again. This time he picked up I was so relieved, we told him about the problem he told us he’ll be on his way.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door, my grandpa was finally here. He examined the spaceship and was taking notes. I was so confused but I let him do his thing. When he was done examining the spaceship, he said the problem is that there is a leak in the engine and that it’s taking out all of the oil and petrol.

It took about a day to get it fixed but we managed to get through it. The spaceship was all good now and my grandpa had to go back home.


  1. Hi Saveu,

    I found your story really fascinating. What I really like about your story is that you have some interesting vocabularies in it.

    Fantastic work and keep it Up:)

  2. Hi Saveu,

    Wow your story is really creative and fascinating it was also really interesting.

    Great Work Keep it up!!!

  3. Hi Saveu,
    Great job on your writing!! I loved it! I think your writing was fantastic! Your so a good writer! Keep it up Saveu!

  4. Great Story Saveu,
    I really liked how your grandpa saved the spaceship. However you may need to check your punctuation and make sure your writing makes sense. Either then that great story.Keep bloging !

  5. Hey Saveu
    That story is amazing! I enjoyed reading it a lot. Keep up the fantastic work.

  6. Your Grandpa sounds like a very handy man to have around Saveu, it's a good thing you called him and he was able to get there in time!

    Thank you so much for sharing your short story with us. It is really well written and I enjoyed reading it from top to bottom. I'm also glad that you and the other pilots made it home safely after all that trouble.

    It looks like a lot of your friends at St Pius enjoyed your story too, which is pretty cool! That's the fun thing about this blogging project, we can share all our awesome ideas with one another and check out what our mates are up to.

    Well done on completing week 1 of your SLJ! I'm looking forward to seeing what you blog about next.

    Until next time,