Monday, 19 December 2016

Cummer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 2 Activity 1: Learning the basics

Activity 1
Before you go overseas it will be important that you learn a bit about the capital city of your country. Hop online and find out about the capital city of your country. Use this information to complete the five sentences below:

  1. The capital city of Germany is Berlin
  2. The population of the Berlin is 3.5 million
  3. In January, the weather in Berlin is usually chilly
  4. Berlin is located in the northern part of the country.
  5. The languages most commonly spoken in Berlin are Turkish, Russian, Arabic, English, Greek, and many other Asian languages.


  1. Hi Saveu
    Great work on this activity. Those facts about Berlin are really interesting. Well done.

  2. Good morning Saveu,

    Berlin sounds like a very multicultural city, I guess there are some similarities between Berlin and Auckland in that regard then? Particularly in European countries, due to the nature of close so many countries are to one another, it is quite common to find a real melting pot of different cultures so I imagine travelling to Germany will be a fascinating experience!

    Are you able to speak more than one language? I would love to be able to speak more than English, I think I'd like to learn Maori one day. If you could learn one language, what do you think it would be?

    Thanks for sharing your facts about Berlin with us. It looks like you might be in for a pretty chilly visit, keep that in mind when you're packing for your trip!