Friday, 30 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 10 Bonus Activicty

Bonus Activity
Once you have looked at the other school diary, it is time for you to make one of your own. What do you in a normal school day? Use the template below as a guide and post your own personal ‘Day in the Life of…’

Time Table - Summer learning Journey.jpg


  1. Hi Saveu,

    Oh, how I miss these these kind of schedules that I would look up when I was back in Tamaki Primary. I really like how you've distanced yourself from any hassle of using different colours and have kept your "Day in the Life" timetable nice and simple.

    Keep up the blogging!

  2. Hello there Saveu,

    Your Timetable is great, it's very simple!

    Great work and keep it up:)

  3. Hey Saveu
    It's really great to see people don't forget their old timetable when school finishes for the year. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. Hi Saveu,

    Congratulations on placing third equal in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme for St Pius X school this past holiday. You were a blogging star! I will look forward to seeing you when I come in to the school to hand out prizes and certificates.

    See you soon!