Friday, 30 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 10 Bonus Activicty

Bonus Activity
Once you have looked at the other school diary, it is time for you to make one of your own. What do you in a normal school day? Use the template below as a guide and post your own personal ‘Day in the Life of…’

Time Table - Summer learning Journey.jpg

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 10 Activity 2

Activity 2
Think about your favorite subject at school. In your blog tell us:
  1. The name of your favorite subject
  1. Why it is your favorite subject

Because I think that maths is very important, you will also need to calculate money when you grow up. When you grow up math is very important because what if the cashier gives you the wrong amount of money.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 10 Activity 1: School Days

Activity 1
Think about your school and what you typically do in a day. Compare it with the diary from the German student. What is similar? What is different? In your blog, tell us:
  1. Whether you would rather go to school in New Zealand or in Germany
I would still prefer to go school in New Zealand.
  1. Why you feel that way
Because I am use to going to school in New Zealand also cause it would be hard finding new friends.

Different( Germany )
Different( St.Pius )
Physical Education( Also known as P.E )
Online Work

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 9 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity
Choose a family member and conduct a short interview. In the interview ask them five questions about themselves:
  1. What is your name?
Uaina Uelese Tu’uga Salu.
  1. Where were you born?
  1. How many siblings do you have?
3 sisters, 1 half sister and 3 brothers
  1. What is your favourite thing about living in New Zealand?
Spending time with her family
  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
Samoa because I would like to go see my dad and visit all my family also cause Samoa is where I grew up.  

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 9 Activity 2

Activity 2
Imagine that you were one of the Duggar children and you had 18 brothers and sisters. What do you think it would be like to have so many sisters and brothers living with you in one house? On your blog please tell us what you would like and what you wouldn’t like about living in such a large family.

I would love to have a big family because there would be more help with chores, more fun and you could go to a lot of places together and it would be fun.

Reasons why I wouldn’t like a big family is because there would be more chores, the house would be sometimes really loud, there would be lease room in the house and you would be waiting for your turn in the shower/Toilet. But I think it would be worth it living in such a big family.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 9 Activity 1: Meet my Family

Activity 1
Now that you have met my family it is time to think about your own family. On your blog tell us about your family. How many people are in your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What are their names?
In my there are only 5 people. My dad and Mum ( Mao and Uaina ), My brother Leauma and my sister Julia. I am the youngest in the family.  

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 8 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity

Instead of taking a picture or writing to us, for this activity you are invited to make a short video blog (3-4 minutes). On the video blog please tell us about your favorite summer time activities. Upload the video to your blog. Make sure that you write a short description below the video so that people know what the video is about.

I have put together this video that shows what I like to do in the Summer time. I hope you enjoy!

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 8 Activity 2

Activity 2
On your blog, write the title ‘Summer Activities’ and, below the title, tell us about the five things that they love to do.

Summer Activities:
The five things my brother likes to do is:

  • Go to the beach/Swimming pools
  • Play outside/Basketball courts/park
  • Go out with his friends
  • Go to the movies
  • Relax/play station

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 8 Activity 1: Sunshine and Swimming Togs

Activity 1
What are your favorite things to do in the summer time? For this activity you have two different options: (1) You can take a picture of yourself doing one of your favourite summer time activities and upload it to your blog along with a description of what you’re doing or (2) you can write a paragraph that tells us about what you love doing in the summer on your blog. It is completely up to you!

I am choosing option 2, my favorite things to do in the summer is play outside with my dog and play water fight. I also like to stay inside, relax and go on the wifi.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 7 Bouns Activity

Bonus Activity
According to numerous researchers and fitness experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They argue that people who eat breakfast will have more energy, be in a better mood, be able to think more clearly, do better at school and end up healthier than people who don’t eat breakfast.
Interestingly, not everyone agrees. In fact, some people believe that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day because people often eat too much food at breakfast time, gain weight and become unhealthy. They think that it is better to skip breakfast and eat a number of small meals later in the day.
After reading the arguments presented above, what do you think? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Why or why not?

Sometimes when I have breakfast in the morning I can't think properly because there’s so much things in my brain, but when I don't have breakfast my mind is empty and I can think. I personally think that it's really up to the person whether they want to have their breakfast or not. So for some people it’s important and for others it’s not.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 7 Activity 2

Activity 2
Take a picture of you (or someone you know!) eating one of these famous ‘kiwi’ foods. Post the picture to your blog. Underneath the picture tell us what they are eating.

Anzac.pngThis photo is with my whole class. We received free lunch, inside was a Anzac cookie and other healthy food.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 7 Activity 1

Activity 1
What about you? On your blog, please tell us:
  1. What you eat for breakfast
For breakfast each day it’s different but I think I mostly eat cereal and toast.
  1. What people in your chosen country eat for breakfast
Germany – Brotchen (bread), cheese and salami platter.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\German breakfast foods.jpg

  1. Which of the two breakfast options (your breakfast or the breakfast in the other country) you prefer. Why do you prefer it?
I would prefer my own meal for breakfast because i’m not a fan of cheese, but I would like to try the rest.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 6 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity
Translate the following five basic travel phrases into Spanish, German, Malaysian, Japanese, Arabic or Afrikaans. Use the Google Translate website to do the translations.
Type the English phrase into the box on the left. Choose the language that you want it translated into on the right and then click the blue ‘Translate’ button. It will translate the English word or phrase into another language. Pretty cool ‘eh?!
Good morning =
Good bye =
How much does this cost? =
When is the next bus? =
Where is the nearest hospital? =
Good Morning
Buenos dias
¡buenos días
selamat pagi
صباح الخير
goeie môre
Good Bye
Selamat tinggal
مع السلامة
How much does this cost
Cuánto cuesta este
¿Cuánto cuesta esto
Berapa kos ini
كم يكلف هذا
Hoeveel kos dit
When is the next bus
Cuándo pasa el próximo autobús
¿Cuándo es el próximo autobús
Apabila sudah bas seterusnya
عندما يكون الحافلة القادمة
Wanneer is die volgende bus
Where is the nearest hospital
Dónde está el hospital más cercano
¿Dónde está el hospital más cercano
Adakah hospital yang terdekat di mana
أين يقع أقرب مستشفى
Waar is die naaste hospitaal

I know it says Arabic or Afrikaans but I choose both cause I would love to explore more.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 6 Activity 2

Activity 2
Take a selfie that captures how you might be feeling. I think that I would most likely be feeling scared.Scared.jpg

Here’s a photos of me of how I would be feeling. I would be biting my nails and feeling butterflies. My stomach would hurt.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 2 Day 6 Activity 1: Hola

Activity 1
Once you have read these phrases you will be ready to leave the airport and head to your hotel. Take a moment and imagine how you might feel if you were standing in the airport in a foreign country and you had to figure out how to communicate with people in a brand new language. Would you be scared? Would you feel confident? Write a short poem that describes how you might be feeling (i.e. excited, happy, scared, nervous, etc).

Standing inside the airport, Feeling really ashamed, Looking around seeing if someone was there. I’m scared of going onto the plane, but I know that i’m going to be out of the way.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 5 Bonus Activty

Bonus Activity
It’s time to use your imagination to write a short story. I’ve provided you with three different beginnings for a story. Choose your favorite beginning and finish the story. What happens next? You can use your imagination and create any ending that you want. To earn full points, you must post, at least 8-10 sentences, on your blog.

  1. I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then…

  1. I knew it was going to be an unusual day when my mom came into my bedroom and said...

  1. The spaceship was out of control and only one person could save us....

The spaceship was out control and only one person could save us, my grandpa. But he was overseas. We didn’t really know what to do cause our Spaceship was out of control, smoke was coming out the the engines.

We tried calling him but he didn’t answer, we kept on getting put on voice mail. So we waited for a while to call him again. This time he picked up I was so relieved, we told him about the problem he told us he’ll be on his way.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door, my grandpa was finally here. He examined the spaceship and was taking notes. I was so confused but I let him do his thing. When he was done examining the spaceship, he said the problem is that there is a leak in the engine and that it’s taking out all of the oil and petrol.

It took about a day to get it fixed but we managed to get through it. The spaceship was all good now and my grandpa had to go back home.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 5 Activity 2

Activity 2
Read the following three reviews of books that are really popular right now in Canada. If you had to choose one for Curious Kiwi to read on the plane, which one would you choose? Post the name of the book that you would chose on your blog. Below the title explain why you would choose that book.

Book 3: Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Ugly TruthC:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\DoaWK image.jpg
Greg Heffley has always been in a hurry to grow up. But is getting older really all it’s cracked up to be? Greg suddenly finds himself dealing with the pressures of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, and even the awkward changes that come with getting older—all without his best friend, Rowley, at his side. Can Greg make it through on his own? Or will he have to face the “ugly truth.”

I would choose Book 3 because I am a fan of Diary of a wimpy kid and the font helps me read it clearer. It also is very interesting and it encourages me to continue reading the book.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 5 Activity 1:Boarding the Plane

Activity 1
Think about all of the books that you have read this year and recommend one for Curious Kiwi to read. On your blog list the title and author of the book and then provide a short description of it. What is the book about?

Title: The 39-Story Treehouse
Author: Andy Griffiths
Image result for the 39 story treehouseThis book is about Andy and Terries. They make a 39th floor in their tree house, on their 39th floor they make something they regret on making. So they call the man that un-invents things and tells him to uninvent their invention, he does but he also continues to un-invent other things.

This book is really creative and really really funny. I really think if you take this book on the plane you will finish the whole book in an hour or more. You will probably want to read the rest of his books.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 4 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity
Make a word poem called a ‘wordle’ using your packing list (i.e. the list of of things you are taking with you on your trip). To make a wordle you need to go to the Wordle website []. Enter the words for all of your items into the box provided and click ‘Go.’ The website will create a wordle for you. Save the wordle and then post it on your blog.
My: Wordle
( if this link: [ ] does not work then go to this one: word cloud :)
Screenshot 2016-12-20 at 10.22.42 AM.png