Friday, 14 October 2016

Margaret Aylwards Life Story !

The Crashing Plane !

A blanket of fog covered the land below with only patches of green grass and some large buildings visible. The higher and higher I got the less I could see the buildings. I got dizzier and dizzier as the plane got higher.

“ Please fasten your seatbelts ”, said a lady in uniform. “ Keep all hand bags under the seats ”, she continued. I quickly did as she said. As I went to the bathroom the plane felt unstable.

I came back to my seat and fell asleep. I couldn’t sleep properly because the plane was shaking like something was wrong with the engine. The engine was making really weird sounds, like the engine was chattering.

I heard the pilot say “ All passengers! Please leave behind all your suitcases/handbags. Please put on a life jacket and make your way to the exit’s ” I said in my head, “ Oh the plane is crashing…..WAIT?....THE PLANE IS CRASHING ??? ” I quickly unfastened my seatbelt put on my life jacket and went down the slide that looked something like a bouncy castle and ended up in the water.

I quickly looked for my family and saw that they were all here. We were safe and sound in the water! After a while a boat came and rescued us.