Thursday, 24 March 2016

How I see myself as ?

How I see myself as ?

I see myself as someone:
  • That will make their parents proud
  • That will speak fluent Samoan
  • That is loud
  • That is playful, caring, kind
( At times ), likes to learn, and also likes to talk a lot.

My Photo Story !

Learn: Engage their families in the learning process by working at home to select photographs that represent aspects of their lives.

Photo 1
Me as a baby.jpg
In this Photograph I am 3 Months. I had just finished being feed and now mum is trying to burp me. In the Photo you and also see my sister Bending down for some reason.

Photo 2
In this Photograph I was 6 months. I was at my cousin's house and I was drinking my milk. I was laid on the floor because my mother did not want to carry me. The person sitting on the hair is my mother she is holding my special blanket.

Photo 4
In this Photograph I was 3 and a half years of age. I was outside of my church, it was White Sunday and I was really shy to say my part in front of my big crowd. My mother had to say my part because I didn't say my part I just stood there and looked at everyone that was waiting for me to say my part but I didn't because I was so shy. So my mother had to say my part to the church.

Photo 5
Screenshot 2016-03-24 at 8.57.30 AM.png
In this Photograph I was 6. We were getting ready to go to church for White Sunday.  Every White Sunday we would always get McDonald for breakfast.  We would always wake up early to get ready to go.

How do other see me ?

How do others see you?

You have decided to become part of a new social networking site for students called “Publish My Profile”.   Part of becoming a member requires you to create a profile for publishing.  Your Job is to Generate a list of describing words that would reflect how others see you or would describe you and how you see yourself.
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At Home
At School
  • They think I need help with all of my subjects
  • They know I'm lazy
  • They think I’m Anti Social ( Always on electronics )
  • Likes to sing in the shower
  • I’m Loud
  • I’m Annoying
  • I’m Talkative
  • They know I am 11 years old turning 12
  • They know I am Samoan
  • They think I’m good at some subjects
  • They think I’m helpful (At Times)
  • They Know I gossip a lot
  • They know I’m Funny

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

Thursday 17 March
Soul Friend

On the feast of St. Patrick, St. Pius X School has a Soul Friend Day. A Soul Friend is a friendship between older students and younger students. It is an Irish tradition.
Long time ago the Holy Faith Sisters had brought Soul Friends to St Pius X School.

I have a soul friend and her name is Krystal. She is in Room 1. She is year 1 and is really shy when she talks to people. She likes to play tag with her friends and she likes to read picture books.

I talk to my Soul Friend about anything she wants. We talk to each other about how we feel. We also share everything we have together. I do buddy reading with my Soul Friend on Thursdays and Fridays. I look forward to know more of my soul friend.

Friday, 11 March 2016

I know I enjoyed or don't enjoy the book.

Learn: To know what I enjoyed and not enjoyed
The Book: The Rules

The Rules
Wednesday 9th March
I really enjoyed the part when he got a new violin because he could play at the concert again.  
I was worried when Sefa ran and took Martiora violin and healed it over the bridge.
I wonder how long it took Martiora to finished paying off his new violin.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Station of the Cross

After everyone was saying, “ Crucify him ! ”
Jesus had to carry his big, heavy cross it was as heavy as a car on his shoulder, he also had to wear a crown of pointy, hurtful thorns around his head.

While Jesus was carrying his cross all his blood and sweat was coming down on his face. While Jesus was carrying his cross a lady from Jerusalem named Veronica wiped Jesus face and when she had finished wiping Jesus blood and sweat with her veil Jesus face was on on her veil, then Jesus falls the seconded time.

Then after Jesus falls the second time, Jesus meets the woman of Jerusalem. The woman and her children came out from the crowd to thank and comfort Jesus, then Jesus falls the third time.

After Jesus falls the third time the soldiers stripped the clothes off Jesus. Huge nails are being hammered into Jesus hands and feet. Now Jesus is bleeding seriously, the cross has been lifted.

Now Jesus is in a better place.