Friday, 29 July 2016

Personal Narritive

“ Hey Lucas, I was wondering how are we going to keep warm tonight? ”, Annie said being worried. “ We’ll make a fire ”, I replied.

“ Annie ”, I called out, “ Did you remind mum that we are in the forest ?, cause you know how over protective she get’s when we're not at home, she always says look after your sister she is still young and pink she would tease”, I added. I put our bags down, Annie cleaned our beds and we sat down for a while.

We found wood to keep us warm for the night. It took us nearly the whole day. While we were looking for wood we also meet new friends. We were surprised some of our new friends were flowers and they could talk.

Annie starts to stare at the star’s, I thought that she was sleeping with her eyes open. She starts to sing, I sharply said, “ STOP SINGING, I am trying to sleep, I am tried ”. I turned around to sleep the other way, I said to myself, “ was I too hard on her, maybe not ”. It was peace and quiet but then she starts to sing again.

I sat up and watched her, She sang and danced with our new friends the flowers, caterpillars and more. A spider crawled up my shoulder I flicked it off. She sang a few more words, I asked her, “ Can I use your ukulele ?”, she handed me her ukulele so I threw it into the fire we had just finished making.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Day 7 - Bonus: Winter Learning Journal - Last Post for the holidays !!!

Tuesday 19 July

Day 7 - Bonus

Bonus: This year two new sports are being added to the Paralympic Games. They are canoeing and triathlon. In the triathlon the athletes must swim 750 metres, cycle for 20 kilometres, and then run for 5 kilometres. Paralympic athletes may also compete in other sports including archery, boccia, football, judo, powerlifting, rowing, sailing, swimming, sitting volleyball, track cycling, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair tennis. To learn more about all of the Paralympic sports, please visit the 2016 Paralympic Games website.

Imagine that you are on the Paralympic Committee and you have been asked to create one new sport to add to the competition for this year. Use your awesome imagination to design a brand new Paralympic sport. Please remember that some of the athletes will not be able to walk or run and others may be blind or deaf. On your blog, please write:

  1. The name of your sport:
Wheelchair Racing

  1. A brief description of how you play the sport:
This game is for those in wheelchairs it can also be for the deaf but they have to be put in a Wheelchair. This game is racing but with wheelchairs.

  1. Three rules for the sport

  • #Rule 1: Stay in your lane
  • #Rule 2: Go when you hear a gun shoot
  • #Rule 3: At the end go congratulate your competitors

Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 7 - Activity 2

Tuesday 18 July

Day 7 - Activity 2

Activity 2: It is very expensive for each of the Paralympic athletes to fly from New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro to compete.  Most athletes have to fundraise in order to make the money that they need to go on the big trip. Recently, Harvey Norman announced that they will be helping to raise funds for the New Zealand Paralympic team. What could you do to help raise funds to support our amazing Paralympic athletes? On your blog, list 2 different ways in which you, your family or friends could raise money to support the athletes. C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Paralympic logo Nz.jpg

I would fundraise with my family and friends. We would have a barbeqe sale. We can also give up thing that we don’t use again in other words have a garage sale.

Day 7 - Activity 1: The Paralympic Games

Monday 18 July

Day 7 - Activity 1

Activity 1: At the first ever Paralympic Games in Rome, the athletes competed in eight sports. Cycling was one of them. For the cycling event, two people compete together as a team – one of the people has a disability and the other does not. Here is a picture of a para-cycling team from New Zealand:
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Paraclycing team (NZ).jpg

At the moment the most famous para-cycling team in New Zealand is comprised of two female athletes – Emma Foy and Laura Thompson. Emma is blind but Laura is not. Together they work as an amazing team. Imagine that you were asked to compete in a tandem cycling event and you had to choose one person to compete with. Who would it be? On your blog, tell us who you would compete with and why. If it was me, I would choose my son, Aronui because he’s pretty fast and very funny. He would make me laugh as we biked along and would be very supportive and encouraging! I know that I could trust him to be a good teammate. Who would you choose?

I would pick my best friend Caroline because I trust her. I would chose her because she is very supportive and I think together we can at least get a place. She is also very funny and I would love to compete together with her.

Day 6 - Bonus

Monday 18 July

Day 6 - Bonus

Bonus: Imagine that you are sitting in the crowd at the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics this August. The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when  all of a sudden…

In your blog, write an ending to this short story. It should be approximately 10-20 sentences long.

Watching all the athletes come through the entrance. I was sitting with my family and friends. We watched as a man lit up a tall candle, it looked beautiful. We were sitting in the middle where we could see everything. The we all heard someone sing the national anthem she had a great voice but sadly I didn’t quite hear her name. The man told us some facts about the players walking in.

Activity 2 - Day 6

Monday 18 July
Activity 2 - Day 6

Activity 2: The opening ceremonies for every Olympic Games must include formal speeches, a parade of athletes, songs and dances that showcase the culture of the host country. Follow this link to watch the highlights of opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

In the opening ceremony for the London Olympics there were a number of famous English people including the Queen, the Spice Girls, David Bowie, U2, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. Imagine that we were going to host the Olympics here in New Zealand in 2024 and you were invited to be on the committee that decides who is invited to participate in the opening ceremonies. As a member of the group you must choose one of the following people to be in the opening ceremony: Richie McCaw (rugby player), Lorde (singer), Kane Williamson (cricket player), Maria Tutaia (netball player), John Key (prime minister of New Zealand) or Shaun Johnson (league player). On your blog, tell us who you think is the best person to choose and explain why you think that they are the best choice!

I would chose for Maria Tutaia to come because I really like Netball and because I think she is a very good athlete. People can get to know that she is a very good player.

Activity 1 - Day 6: Entertaining the crowd

Saturday 16th July

Activity 1 - Day 6

Activity 1: For all Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, the athletes from each country must wear a special uniform. The uniforms change each year. Look at the 3 pictures posted below. They are pictures of the uniforms that our New Zealand Olympic teams wore in 2012, 2008 and 2004. For this activity, you are asked to rank the uniforms from best (#1) to worst (#3). On your blog post your rankings and provide a brief explanation of why you ranked the uniforms in that order.

  1. New Zealand Team Uniform – London Olympics 2012

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\2012 NZ Uniform.jpg
I would place the london uniform first because it looks like the airport uniform and I would also like to try airport uniform.

2. New Zealand Olympic Team Uniform – Athens Olympics 2004

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Athens Olympics uniform (2004).jpg

I would chose this one to be second because it has more details about our country. I also like the skirts and the long sleeves because it’s cold.

3. New Zealand Team Uniform – Beijing Olympics 2008

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\2008 Beijing Olympics uniform.jpg

I would pick this to be third because they looked a little kind of like the Athens uniform. But it’s short sleeves and the fern is two colors.  

Friday, 15 July 2016

Day 5 - Bonus

Friday 15th July
Bonus - Day 5

Bonus:  Jesse Owens was a black American athlete who participated in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. He is considered to be one of the bravest and most inspirational Olympic athletes because he competed at a time when the leader of Germany (Adolf Hitler) did not want black men competing at the Olympic Games. Here is a picture of Jesse from the 1930s.
Can you think of someone in your own life that inspires you? On your blog, tell us who your inspirational person is and why they inspire you.   

The person who inspires me will be my mum. She is the person who gave me life besides the man above. My mother is one of the reasons why I wake up in the morning. Every time my mum drops me off to school she would say, “ Study hard and in the future you will have money and give it to me ” she also said, “ Be good in class, get a good education and no don’t talk to friends inside, but talk to them outside”. Those are one or two of the reasons why she is my inspiration.

Activity 2 - Day 5

Friday 15th July
Activity 2 - Day 5

Activity 2:  In 1936, a 13 year old girl named Marjorie Gestring became the youngest person to ever win an Olympic gold medal. She won the gold medal in the springboard diving competition. Imagine that you were alive in 1936 and you had the chance to interview her. On your blog, post five questions that you would like to ask the Olympic champion (if you had the chance to meet her!).

If I had the chance to meet her I would ask:
  • How does it feel to be the youngest person to
win a gold medal ?

  • Who or what inspired you to compete in the Olympics ?
  • If there was a person who wanted to be just like you what kind of advice would you give them ?
  • How long did you train for the olympics this year ?
  • What is your favourite movie ?

Activity 1 - Day 5: Eddie the Eagle

Friday 15th July

Activity 1 - Day 5

Activity 1: Some Olympic athletes become famous not because they win but because they have an amazing attitude and great determination. They are sometimes called ‘underdogs.’ One of the most famous ‘underdogs’ in Olympic history was a man named Michael Edwards. He was a ski jumper from England who competed in the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada. Although he came last in the event, he never gave up. Recently, a movie has been made about his life. It is calledEddie the Eagle.”  For this activity, watch the trailer for Eddie the Eagle and then post a summary of the movie on your blog. What is the movie about?

I think the movie is about how a Eddie wanted to compete in the Olympics but nobody believed me. Then Hugh Jackman the person that plays Brosnan taught Eddie how to ski.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bonus - Day 4

Thursday 14th July

Bonus - Day 4

Bonus:  The New Zealand Olympic Team has created a video called #Be The Inspiration. They have posted it on the homepage of their website (on the left hand side). Watch the Be the Inspiration video and then post a critique of the video on your blog. In your critique tell us what you liked about the video and what you didn’t like. It is very common for movie reviewers to use stars to indicate how much they liked a movie. A rating of * = very bad movie, ** = bad movie, *** = okay movie, **** = good movie, and ***** = very good movie. At the end of your critique, please provide a rating for the Be The Inspiration movie.

I would rate this video as a ****, it was alright but it wasn’t perfect. I like how they were people playing sports in all sorts of different places.

Activity 2 - Day 4

Thursday 14th July
Activity 2 - Day 4

Activity 2: Let’s imagine that you were able to meet one of the following three athletes competing for New Zealand at the Rio Olympics: In your blog tell us which one of these three athletes you would choose to meet and why.

I would choose to meet Andrea Kilday because this is going to be her first time going to the Olympics. I would like to ask her how does it feel to represent New Zealand or Auckland in the Olympics. I also picked her because she is doing Taekwondo I done lessons at school with my class. I think that taekwondo is very interesting.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Andrea Kilday pic.jpg

Activity 1 - Day 4: Be the inspiration

Thursday 14th July

Activity 1 - Day 4

Activity 1: New Zealand will be sending approximately 76 athletes to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August to compete in the Summer Olympic Games. To learn more about these amazing athletes you can read their biographies on the New Zealand Olympic team website. Each athlete has their own page dedicated to them.

For this activity, please choose one of the athletes listed on the Rio Olympic Athletes page, read about them and then write a short description of them on your blog. In the blog please include their name, their sport, and three interesting facts about them.

Gemma Flynn had played in the Olympics for hockey. She has two brothers. She was born in Tauranga in 1990.

Bonus - Day 3

Wednesday 13th July


Bonus - This year two sports are being reintroduced into the Olympic Games. They are golf and sevens rugby. Imagine that you worked for TVNZ and you were paid to travel to Rio de Janeiro to attend the Olympic Games and report on the golf and/or the rugby competitions. On your blog, write a poem that describes how you would feel about travelling to Rio. Would you be excited? Would you be scared? How would you feel?

If I was travelling to Rio I would be super excited I wouldn’t even explain how I feel.I would be scared a little bit because this would be my first time going.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Activity 2 - Day 3: Sports Specific

Wednesday 13th July

Activity 2 - Day 3

Activity 2: Take a picture of yourself playing one of the 28 Olympic sports and post it to your blog along with the name of the sport and a brief description of what you are doing in the picture. As an example, I have posted a picture of my son, Aronui, posing as an archery competitor. He made his bow out of a tree branch!


In this picture I am sitting down getting ready for the Shot Putt. The day before today we only had practice on running but no practises on Shot Putting.In this event I came second.

Activity 1 - Day 3: Sport Specific

Wednesday 13th July

Activity 1 - Day 3

Activity 1: Visit the website for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Click on the name of the one of the sports that is listed on the main page. If possible, choose one that you have never heard of before and read about it. After reading about the sport, post a short description of it on your blog. The post must include:

  1. The name of the sport
  2. The aim of the sport
  3. Two rules for the sport

Sports: Water Polo
Aim of Sports:Two teams of seven players face each other in the pool with the objective of throwing the ball into the opposition's goal – the team that scores the most goals wins
First Rule: Players can only use one hand to hold the ball.
Second Rule: Every team has 6 players on the field, 1 goalie and as well as substitutes.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Activity 2 - Bonus

Tuesday 12th July

Activity 2 - Bonus

Bonus: It is time to get creative! For this bonus activity you are asked to design a simple logo for the next Summer Olympic Games. They will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020. The Olympic committee in Japan has already created four possible options for the logo (see below) but I think that you can create something even more interesting and attractive!
To create a logo I would suggest that you use the Design Mantic website. Click on the Design Mantic link. It will bring you to the homepage for the site. Enter ‘Tokyo 2020’ into the ‘Company Name’ box and select ‘Sport & Fitness’ from the drop down menu in the  ‘Industry’ box. From there you can create your own logo. When your logo is finished, copy and paste it onto your blog along with a short explanation of your design.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 at 8.45.46 PM.png

The the field represents the racing tracks because there was no racing tracks. The circle in the middle represents the competitions that include balls.