Saturday, 17 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 Day 1 Activity 2

Activity 2
On Google, research the country that you have chosen to visit and write, in your own words, three interesting facts about that country. They must be facts that weren’t already provided on the World Map.

  • In Germany, there's no punishment for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail because it is a basic human instinct to be free.
  • The first magazine ever seen was launched in 1663 in Germany.
  • In Germany, it is illegal to run out of fuel on highways.


  1. Wow Saveu,

    What an astonishing fact that there's no punishment for prisoners when they escaped... very interesting. I Really loved reading your facts Saveu! Keep it Up :)


  2. Kia Ora Saveu! Those were some really interesting and informative facts. What did you think of them? Keep up the posting! xx

  3. What AMAZING FACTS, Saveu
    I am speechless about that one fact how a prisoner breaks free there is no punishment. Keep up the good blogging!!

  4. Hey Saveu
    Those facts are amazing. I like how there is no punishment if you break free from jail. Nice job.

  5. Hi Saveu,

    I completely agree with Von, Alecia, Stanley and Daniel. You have posted three of the most interesting and unusual facts that I have ever read about Germany. I had no idea that the first magazine was printed way back in 1663 in Germany or that it is illegal to run out of petrol on the highway. Yikes! I think that I better stick to taking trains or buses if/when I go to Germany to visit.

    Thanks for the great post, Saveu. You've really surprised me with these facts. I am going to share them with my family tonight at the dinner table.

    On that note, which of the three facts was the most surprising to you?

    Please do write back if you have a minute. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Rachel :)

  6. Kia ora Saveu,

    Great fact hunting! Those are three really interesting facts, especially that one about escaping from prisons. That's incredible. How long has that been a rule in Germany for? It's a controversial topic that's for sure - what do you think about it? If a prisoner escapes from prison, should they be punished for wanting to be free?

    Wow 1663? I wonder what the magazine was? I bet it would be different to the ones we see today in shops. There are so many! Do you like to read magazines? I have a subscription to a food magazine (I love food) and it gets delivered to my house every two months. It has all sorts of different recipes and cooking ideas which I like to try out every now and again. Do you like cooking too Saveu?

    I agree with Rachel, I'm definitely going to have to share these facts as well. They're too good not to!

    Awesome blogging Saveu :-)