Thursday, 7 July 2016


Firstly St. Pius X got ready to walk to the Ruapotaka Marae. Once we got there we waited outside for the lady to welcome us. Ana - Lei was replying back to the lady in Maori.
Once we got into the Marae we went inside with our shoes off and sat down, the boys sat on the chairs and the girls sat on the floor. We sang our song that we practised and we sounded great.

We said Karakia and ate our morning tea. We were then split into two groups, the first group stayed in the hall and the second group went back into the Marae.

In the hall we made flower using flax. I think and some other people also think that mine was pretty. After we made our flower we went to the Marae. We took our shoes off before we entered the Marae, in the Marae we sang maori songs it was fun.

We said Karakia and ate our lunch. We soon went on the bus to tec.

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