Thursday, 7 July 2016


Trip to the Cathedral/ Plan

Last Friday St. Pius X went to St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Once we arrived at the Cathedral, we waited outside for a while.  We then walked around to the other side of the entrance. We entered the door of Mercy and blessed ourselves. We then went to sit down.

After a while father Larry came out singing a song. He showed us where Pope sat and told us that he only sits on the chair next to Pope's chair. A man then came up to the aulter and read the a bible reading.

Then we had holy communion, we sang bread broken and Seauti played the guitar. We waited for the adults to came up and receive bread, then I went up followed by my row to get blessed.
After Mass St. Pius X had a photo with Father Larry. After the photo Father Larry told us the meanings about the stain glass windows. Then we walked back outside, blessed ourselves and sang a song which was merciful like the father.

We went to the hall and ate our lunch. After a while we walked back to the bus and off we went back to school.

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