Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Activity 1 - Day 2: Tom and Vinicius 2016 Olympics in Rio

Tuesday 12th July

Activity 1 - Day 2

Activity 1: The mascots for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are Vinicius and Tom. They can be found on all of the advertisements for the Olympic Games and they have also been featured in a number of videos. Click on the link below to watch one episode of the Tom and Vinicius show. After you have finished watching the video, post a summary of the episode on your blog. What do you think is happening in the video? Please make sure to include a title that tells us which episode you are summarising!

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Rio mascots.jpg

Episode #1: Vinicius and Tom have not known each other. They chase something that floats in the air and it both leads to one spot and that’s how they meet. After they meet they done a handshake.

Episode #2 : They go to look for a place to stay, the first places they stay doesn’t work out so good. So then they plan where they were gonna build their house. Vinicius decided he wanted to build his house in the tree but Tom did not like that idea, he wanted to build his own in the river.  But Vinicius did not like that idea either. They found a spot where there was a tree and a pond they both made speart house. But when they went to sleep they did not feel comfortable, Vinicius slept upside down on the tree and Tom slept on the leap floating on the water.

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  1. Wow, Saveu, you have gone above and beyond by summarising two episodes instead of just one. Well done! I love your initiative.

    I also really enjoyed your summaries. I wonder what it is that is floating in the air in episode 1. I watched it and wasn't too sure what it was either. I liked the way that Vinicius and Tom shook hands, though, at the end of the show. I think that they are going to be very good friends!

    I hope that you will continue to show such great initiative this holiday and continue blogging. It is so much fun to blog with you! Keep it up :)