Thursday, 14 July 2016

Activity 2 - Day 4

Thursday 14th July
Activity 2 - Day 4

Activity 2: Let’s imagine that you were able to meet one of the following three athletes competing for New Zealand at the Rio Olympics: In your blog tell us which one of these three athletes you would choose to meet and why.

I would choose to meet Andrea Kilday because this is going to be her first time going to the Olympics. I would like to ask her how does it feel to represent New Zealand or Auckland in the Olympics. I also picked her because she is doing Taekwondo I done lessons at school with my class. I think that taekwondo is very interesting.
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  1. Hi Saveu,

    I would also love to meet Andrea Kilday. I think that she is a very talented athlete and a very determined person to have succeeded in her sport. I would also love to ask her questions and find out how it feels to represent New Zealand in the Olympics.

    I found it really interesting to read that you also chose Andrea because you have personal experience with taekwondo. How long ago did you and your class have lessons? Did you enjoy them? I tried enrolling my son, Aronui, in taekwondo lessons a few years ago but he was just too small to really understand the instructions. I think that I will try again with him in another few years!

    Cheers, Rachel :)