Thursday, 12 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey: Week 4 Day 18 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity
On your blog, tell us what you think should be done to save the kakapo. Please be as creative as you can!

I don’t really know how we could save them, Maybe try put their nests in a tree/bush but on the ground or try make them camouflage, I don’t really know.


  1. Hi there Saveu,

    It's okay if you don't have any idea's... Thinking just takes time. Anyways nice work and keep up the great effort!


  2. Hi Saveu,

    I appreciate your honesty. I think that Von has made a great point in her comment when she notes that it can take time to come up with new ideas. I think that you have the beginnings of a great plan - keeping the birds safe by camouflaging them or putting their nests in locations away from predators is a very good start. I think that we will also want to make sure that they have access to enough food and water that they can eat well, have babies and expand the population of Kakapo.

    Given that they don't fly, they will always be at risk of attack from predators but we can certainly shelter them as best we can. They are very special birds. I would hate to see them become fully endangered, or worse, go extinct (like the dinosaurs did).

    I'll look forward to reading your final two days' worth of blogs. I can't believe that you're almost finished with the programme. Amazing!

    Rachel :)

  3. Hi Saveu
    It's alright if you can't think of anything now, maybe you might have a idea to save the kakapo later. Keep up the great wrok!