Friday, 6 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey: Week 3 Day 15 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity
The battle started on 25 April 1915. We commemorate this battle every year by celebrating Anzac Day on 25 April. Visit the Gallipoli website. It will give you lots of information about this famous battle. On your blog, tell us three things that you learned about the battle.

  1. They were always thirsty and ate Salty, stringy bully-beef ( Also known as Corned Beef ) and rock-hard biscuits everyday in their battles.
  2. In 1917, Germany invited Mexico to join WW1 by attacking the U.S.
  3. A WW1 homing pigeon saved 194 men by delivering a message despite losing a leg, an eye and having been shot through the chest.


  1. Hey Saveu,

    I liked the things that you learned from the Gallipoli website they were really interesting.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Hello Saveu,

    I like your facts I have to they are really interesting facts. Great work and keep it Up!


  3. Hey Saveu
    Those facts are really interesting. That pigeon must have been very brave! Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Hi Saveu,

    Thanks for posting these really interesting facts. I had not read anything about the homing pigeon who saved all of those men's lives during WWI. Do you remember where the men were stationed when they received the message? I would love to read more about what happened. If you have the chance could you please upload a link to the site where you found the information about the pigeon? It's so helpful for us, as readers, to have links to the original sources of information (the 'references') so that we can follow them and read more about the cool and interesting facts that are posted.

    When you have a minute could you please upload the reference (website link) for us?

    Thanks so much!

    Rachel :)