Friday, 6 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey: Week 3 Day 15 Activity 1: Art History

Activity 1
While you are looking at it, a staff member at the gallery comes up to you and asks you for your opinion of the painting. What do you think of it?
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Swinging by Wassily.jpg
On your blog please tell us:
  1. What do you think of this painting? Do you like it?
I think it’s really colorful and beautiful.
  1. If you could buy it and give it to someone, who would you choose?
I would give it to my Uncle and Auntie because they like paintings they have a few in their house.


  1. Hey Saveu
    That painting is very colorful. The person who painted it must be very talented. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Hi Saveu,

    I bet that they would also really like this painting! It is so bright and bold. Is it similar to the other pieces of artwork that your uncle and auntie have in their house? I have a few pieces of artwork in my house but none of them are quite as abstract as this Wassily Kwandinsky painting. It's unlike anything that I have ever seen before.