Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Summer Learning Journery: Week 3 Day 13 Activity 2

Activity 2
Which two musicians/bands would you invite to perform? On your blog tell us the names of the two musicians/bands and tell us a bit about them. Where are they from? What kind of music do they play?

I would invite Beyonce, she is from Texas and plays R&B music. I would also like to invite Adele because I think she writes a lot of good songs. Adele is from london and plays Soul, Pop and R&B music.


  1. Hello Saveu,

    I like the two chosen people you would invite.Your absolutely right Adele does writes amazing songs! My favourite song that Adele wrote is called Hello which was released last year 2016. Anyways What's your favourite song that Adele wrote?

    Fabulous work and keep blogging, your doing great!

  2. Hello Saveu
    I think you made a good choice when you chose to take Adele and Beyonce. I think I have heard some of their songs and they were pretty good. Keep up the amazing work Saveu!