Monday, 2 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey: Week 3 Day 11 Activity 2

Activity 2
Write a short paragraph describing your sporting hero. Who is he/she? Why are they your favourite sportsman?
Michael Jordan is an American retired professional Basketball player. He is my favourite sports person because when he started playing basketball he never gave up, he has played 13 seasons with Chicago Bulls and 2 seasons with the Washington Wizards. One of the reasons I think he retired is because he is getting old, he is the age of 53.


  1. Hello there Saveu,

    I liked reading your facts about Michel Jordan. I have to say he sure is an amazing basketball player. I've heard people say that he used to be the best basketball player there is. But I don't know?

    Great work and keep it Up!

  2. Hey Saveu
    I have heard a lot about Michael Jordan because one of my friends is crazy about basketball. He seems like a amazing person. Nice job!