Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3 Activity 1: Wild eyes

Task(Activity 1): On your blog, tell us the name of the animal that you chose and a little bit about them. What kind of animal are they? What do they eat? Where do they normally live? You can use Google to help you with your research.

The name of the animal I choose to adopt is the morepork owl one of New Zealand's native owls. Morepork owls eat a variety of food mostly large insects, they also like to feed on small mammals such as ‘mice’ and ‘young rats’. ‘Ruru’ also known as a morepork owl, an animal of the bush and night. The morepork owl is the only native species of owls left in New Zealand.
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  1. Kia Ora Saveu,
    I may not be a local blog commenter on your educational, blog but as a goal of mine.. I look into other's blog from school's around the local area to leave positive and helpful feedback behind. My name is Losana and I am a year 8 student currently attending Tamaki Primary. Thank you for informing me about which animal you choose to adopt, and informing me a little bit about the animal itself. A little feedback from me to you, is maybe talk about your personal thoughts while completing the task. For an example check out my blog: "". Also ask your audience questions, the more they wonder about you learning, the more viewers you will get. But Great Job I look forward in keeping up with your blog posts!
    - Losana