Friday, 4 March 2016

Station of the Cross

After everyone was saying, “ Crucify him ! ”
Jesus had to carry his big, heavy cross it was as heavy as a car on his shoulder, he also had to wear a crown of pointy, hurtful thorns around his head.

While Jesus was carrying his cross all his blood and sweat was coming down on his face. While Jesus was carrying his cross a lady from Jerusalem named Veronica wiped Jesus face and when she had finished wiping Jesus blood and sweat with her veil Jesus face was on on her veil, then Jesus falls the seconded time.

Then after Jesus falls the second time, Jesus meets the woman of Jerusalem. The woman and her children came out from the crowd to thank and comfort Jesus, then Jesus falls the third time.

After Jesus falls the third time the soldiers stripped the clothes off Jesus. Huge nails are being hammered into Jesus hands and feet. Now Jesus is bleeding seriously, the cross has been lifted.

Now Jesus is in a better place.

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