Thursday, 24 March 2016

How do other see me ?

How do others see you?

You have decided to become part of a new social networking site for students called “Publish My Profile”.   Part of becoming a member requires you to create a profile for publishing.  Your Job is to Generate a list of describing words that would reflect how others see you or would describe you and how you see yourself.
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At Home
At School
  • They think I need help with all of my subjects
  • They know I'm lazy
  • They think I’m Anti Social ( Always on electronics )
  • Likes to sing in the shower
  • I’m Loud
  • I’m Annoying
  • I’m Talkative
  • They know I am 11 years old turning 12
  • They know I am Samoan
  • They think I’m good at some subjects
  • They think I’m helpful (At Times)
  • They Know I gossip a lot
  • They know I’m Funny

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