Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Photo Story !

Learn: Engage their families in the learning process by working at home to select photographs that represent aspects of their lives.

Photo 1
Me as a baby.jpg
In this Photograph I am 3 Months. I had just finished being feed and now mum is trying to burp me. In the Photo you and also see my sister Bending down for some reason.

Photo 2
In this Photograph I was 6 months. I was at my cousin's house and I was drinking my milk. I was laid on the floor because my mother did not want to carry me. The person sitting on the hair is my mother she is holding my special blanket.

Photo 4
In this Photograph I was 3 and a half years of age. I was outside of my church, it was White Sunday and I was really shy to say my part in front of my big crowd. My mother had to say my part because I didn't say my part I just stood there and looked at everyone that was waiting for me to say my part but I didn't because I was so shy. So my mother had to say my part to the church.

Photo 5
Screenshot 2016-03-24 at 8.57.30 AM.png
In this Photograph I was 6. We were getting ready to go to church for White Sunday.  Every White Sunday we would always get McDonald for breakfast.  We would always wake up early to get ready to go.

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