Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey: Week Two Day Two Activity Two: Art Deco

Activity 2: Art Deco
In the 1920s a new artistic movement emerged in New Zealand (and around the world). It was called ‘Art Deco.’ The picture to the right is a classic example of an ‘Art Deco’ piece. Take a close look at the painting. Do you like it?

On your blog, give the painting a rating out of 5 stars (1 star = terrible painting, 2 stars = pretty bad painting, 3 stars = okay painting, 4 stars = good painting and 5 stars = amazing painting). After you’ve rated the painting out of 5, tell us why you gave it that rating.

Right: Self Portrait By Tamara de Lempicka

I rate this 4/5, because it is very detailed well. The colours are popping and I like how there's different shades of green.

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  1. Hey there Saveu, happy new year and thanks for completing another activity.

    I like how you justified your decision to give this painting 4 stars with several different reasons. It's great you mentioned the detail. What specific detail do you like about it?

    I really like the red lipstick and how that pops off the painting. The gleam on the car is pretty cool too.

    Thanks, keep up the great blogging, Billy