Friday, 29 April 2016

Saying Goodbye To A Wonderful Woman

Last Night I went to a serves for a Funeral. After the priest made his entrance we all stood up and the coffin was carried into the church. Most of us eye’s was filled with tears. Once we sat back down people went up to the altar to say something about the wonderful, Beautiful woman that had passed away.

The youth Choir from my church sang a song to support one of our choir member/friend/family. Then when the serves ended we all made our way to the hall, first all the adults went up and got their food from the table. While the young adults and kids waited in the line, after we got our food the youth from our church went into the car park and ate our food and drank our drinks. After we ate our food we all played outside, took photos on my cousin’s camera and waited until the parents finished with their meeting.

Even though we were all sad to see one of our people laid into a coffin, we were all happy she was not in pain any more and that she can rest in a better place now.

Gone but never forgotten.
Rest in Peace

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