Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing for Term 1 2016

Tennis Experience

On a sunny day, on the 23rd of February it was room 7s first time at Tennis in 2016.

First of all we had to get changed into our p.e gear. Right after we got changed we went to the court and then James went around and asked the class what our names was. Then he told us some of the rules.

Then James said, “ Go get a Racket and Bat ! ”. Then James told us to do some warm ups. After our warm up we had to find a partner and one of us had to go to the other side of the court.

Then we played the full, real game of Tennis. After each person got a score we went to the back of the line. After we lined up again it was time for the next class, so we said, “ Thank You, James ! ” and then left for class.

The reason why I pick this writing to be the best is because it was the first time ever to have a professional Tennis player to teach us how to play tennis.
The Type of writing I am doing is Recount.

  1. Vocabulary - Blue
  2. Punctuation -  Purple
  3. Adjective  -  Yellow

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