Friday, 12 February 2016



Everyone doing their last minute shopping from 5 o’clock until the time of our flight down to Wellington.

First of all, my family from Auckland all hopped on a bus and drove to my uncle's house. All the elders and some of the kids were inside the house, and the rest of the family were outside.Then we all ate lunch and got on the bus again and went to the resort, that we were staying at. It was a very long and bumpy ride.Once we got there we all caught up with each other.While we were looking around we all got called in. They told us where we were sleeping and the rules, also the teams we were going to be in.

It was very late at night so we were all dismissed to go and find our rooms. In nearly all of the rooms there were 4 bunk beds in each room. I slept at the top of one of the bunk beds.

The next day we all got ready and went to the main cabin. There we would say prayer, get told what to do for the day and eat.
Then we all got told our teams again, and what we were doing for the day. We were so hot from that day so some of us went from a swim at the river, and some of us went for a swim in the pool.

So after we swam we all went and got changed. Then came back to the main cabin. We had our prayers and some of us went to sleep. That day was so tiring,hot and fun.

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