Friday, 4 April 2014

Why I like Music

I like music because it is fun to listen to. I like to listen to music at church, in the car, at home, at school and many other places. Sometimes I listen to music in the morning and after school. My favourite singer is Ariana Grande. My favourite place to be when I like to listen to music is in my room. I really like to listen to music in my spare time. I like to listen to hip hop. My favourite instrument is the piano. My sister always listens to the Music out loud. I love to listen to sweet songs. Some songs make me feel sleepy, some songs make me feel happy and some songs make me feel sad. I like Music because it changes my feelings. Sometimes I listen to Music on the laptop, on my Mum’s phone, the radio and on the t.v. Do people like to listen to remix songs because I do. Sometimes when I am sad I like to listen to happy songs.


  1. Hello Saveu
    I like it how you explained the feelings that you have when you listen to music.
    Also I like your picture you have on your writing it looks awesome.
    My question is that who is your favorite DJ?
    From Kalolaine

  2. Hi Saveu
    I like they way you put lots of interesting word .
    I also how music changes your feeling.
    I really like your cool picture.

    Who else is your favourite singer.

    By Kalisi

  3. Hi Saveu
    I like the way you did your full stops and your capital letters.
    My sisters favourite instrument is the piano to.
    But my question is why do you like listening to music.

    By the way great piece of writing.

    From Lenleigh

    1. I like listening to music because it changes my feelings

  4. Hi Saveu
    I like the way you put a good sister love piano.That my best singer singer too.and i love the trumpet on the photo.You did really good on your writing
    from malia